About Dr Sandy

You know that feeling, you’re hungry, but your rumbling stomach is not hungry for REAL food, you want something NICE – a slab of chocolate or a hot fudge sundae. You SHOULD resist for the sake of your hips and your wallet. But no matter how hard you will yourself to walk away, your resistance crumbles.

temptation and the voices in your headMoments later waves of regret fill your soul, but it is too late, a truck load of calories are now on their way to your hips.

I help people TAME that SUGAR GREMLIN, using biology, not just psychology, which makes it a whole lot EASIER.

For years my eating habits were ruled by


I was born with an especially wily sugar gremlin, who surfaced within weeks of my arrival into the world.

The milk production machine of my mom, failed to satisfy my incessant hunger so I was switched to formula. The move did not bring relief as my mother contended with screams from a colicky baby. Ready to send me back and ask for a refund, she sought help from the local clinic.

The helpful nurse advised adding a little more sugar to the formula mixture, to FIX the baby.

And it did. And so it began….. 

ice cream kid

My SUGAR GREMLIN ran my world

At every opportunity I had my head in the cookie jar.

The result, I was a podgy toddler, which extended to being an overweight child, then an overweight adolescent and finally an overweight adult. Fortunately, there was a lot of nagging on the home front – so I managed to avoid sliding into the pit of obesity.

But keeping on the straight and narrow took constant effort.

Saying NO to sugar was HARD

It took mega-doses of WILLPOWER. And, when the WILLPOWER failed, it would fail spectacularly – I could polish off a whole slab of chocolate in 15 minutes and my favourite part of the meal was always DESSERT. (If I could’ve I would have started with DESSERT and then worked backwards).

Battling my SUGAR GREMLIN became a lot harder once I left home. There were many occasions, instead of eating REAL food, I loaded up on gremlin munchies. I felt embarrassed, ashamed. I thought I was just weak willed.

So what changed ?

A health crisis forced me to confront my SUGAR GREMLIN. It had to GO.

As a scientist, I have a PhD in pharmacology, I was well versed in the language of science, so I turned to the scientific literature, to try to uncover its modus operandi.

As I unpacked the science, it became clear that sugar gremlin troubles are driven by biology, not lack of willpower. And that little things, many of which seem insignificant and innocent, empower it.

“It” is hardwired into our brain

Mother Nature has blessed each of us with a sugar gremlin, some are more feisty than others, but it plays a pivotal role in keeping US fuelled up.

I don’t think you can obliterate your sugar gremlin…..

But you can create “Better Body Chemistry”, which puts you back in the driving seat, so that you are able to TAME YOUR SUGAR GREMLIN.

I have designed the CANDY FLOSS™ programme to help people tackle their sugar cravings using biology, not just psychology.

The CANDY FLOSS™  takes you deep inside the head of your sugar gremlin, exposing what drives its irrational annoying obsession with SUGAR, so you can outwit it and avoid compromising your self-worth and your HEALTH. 

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