Meet the “Sugar Gremlin”

Do you have a sugar gremlin ?

You probably do, if your will power never seems to trump food’s power.

What would your life be like, if tomorrow morning, miraculously you woke up and your sugar gremlin was gone ? 

How would it make you feel ?

Taming your sugar gremlin is not that difficult.

The secret, you can’t tame it using psychology alone, you have to tame it using biology, along with a little psychology.

To beat  it, you need to understand its modus operandi.

Join me, as we uncover how this little beast  torments  the vast majority of us, causing us to eat one more piece of pie or the whole box of chocolates in one sitting…

 Video 1

The sugar gremlin is REAL 

Gives a brief introduction to sugar gremlins. If you find yourself craving sugar, it is not a sign of weak willpower, you’ve got a formidable foe, driven by biology, which keeps you reaching for carbohydrate treats, everytime the going gets a little tough.

Video 2

Sugar gremlins just want to have FUN !

Sugar gremlins are really just sugar addicts, addicted to the pleasurable feelings experienced by the brain everytime it tucks into the explosive combination of sugar and/or fat. Discover how modern foods are designed to be gremlin munchies and learn how gremin munchies make our sugar gremlin “high’.

Video 3

The price of fun subject to inflation

Initially, one twinkie or one packet of chips is a rewarding experience, but over time, because of the activities of the sugar gremlin, you need 3 twinkies or 2 packets of chips, just to get in the door. Discover how sugar gremlins cause prices to just keeping going up and up.

Video 4

The stress-sugar connection

Rising prices bring money troubles and money troubles EQUAL stress.   And the ONLY way to handle stressful moments, is with a spoonful of SUGAR.  Uncover the sugar-stress connection which sees you hungry for nice things when trouble strikes.

Video 5

Who you gonna call ?  Gremlin busters

When there is trouble in the neighbourhood you need to get a little help from “The Gremlin Busters”.  Learn what it takes to take back control and subjugate your little sugar monster.

Got a sugar gremlin ?
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