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 I’m ready to Tame my Sugar gremlin NOW !

We offer three different sugar gremlin “busting programmes”, which all use a littlecandy flossto tie up your resident sugar gremlin.

The CANDY FLOSS SYSTEM™  teaches you to outsmart your sugar gremlin, by providing you with strategies and techniques, which are relatively easy to implement. Each strategy is based on science, not hype or positive thinking.   Implementing these ideas will  give you back the power. 

Enrol in the on line course and begin to “Tame your Sugar Gremlin” today.

Get access to a series of animated videos, which will introduce the myriad of sugar gremlin busting weapons at your disposal. Worksheets, charts and exercises will help you apply the theory, when you’re wheeling down the shopping aisles, preparing meals and walking past the dessert table.

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Sign up for Sugar gremlin boot camp

Spend the day in the trenches, doing battle against your sugar gremlin.   Dr Sandy will present the Candy Floss system live…  you’ll laugh, you’ll cry as you learn how to deploy the Candy Floss weapon and get insider secrets.     

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VIP programme

Feel like you have a particularly feisty sugar gremlin ?  Need a little personal attention.  Dr Sandy will help you expose your sugar gremlins modus operandi and then create a personalized plan of attack so you Vanquish IT Permanently.