Stink out your sugar gremlin

big aromas lead to smaller bitesSugar gremlins are usually quite keen to get you to load up your fork, to the point that it is straining under the load.

The more the merrier – is a sugar gremlin philosophy.

Especially when they’re getting more, of their favourite munchies.

The ins and outs of bite size

The constituents and texture impact bite size, but it is the aroma of the food, that sugar gremlins are most sensitive to.

And they don’t like SMELLY FOODS.

This aversion, means that forks loaded up with smelly foods, tend to be consumed in much smaller bites. The principal does not only apply to foods which are often regarded as being “bad” smelling, such as gorgonzola cheese, it also applied to foods with a pleasant aroma too.

Tantalizing the tongue without overwhelming

Smelly foods create a little more tingle on the tongue – TOO MUCH tingle, is what is unsettling for your sugar gremlin. It likes to be in CONTROL.

When a bite of food, is going to provide a lot of tingle, which is a lot more likely to happen if the food is SMELLING quite a bit, your sugar gremlin prefers you to go small.

But, if the all the signs point to rather bland load on the fork, your sugar gremlin opts for a big bite, to maximize the reward.

Why fork loads matter ?

The trouble with big fork loads, is that you polish off the plate, a whole lot quicker.

Sometimes too quick.

The end result, is that despite having eaten enough to be more than satisfied, you’re not.

The “I AM FULL” message gets lost in translation.

Stink out your sugar gremlin

Eating “stinky” food, has the potential to cut your fork loads, by up to 10 %.

This is not a big difference, but it could be big enough, to slow your sugar gremlin down. And if you can slow it down, just a tad, you might just take a few less bites at your next meal.

So go hot and spicy at dinner time. It is a win-win-win strategy

  • The food will taste better
  • The meal will cause a little less oxidative stress
  • And there will be less room for dessert.

Temporarily putting the breaks on your sugar gremlin’s ferocious appetite.

But you will need more than a “stinky” dinner to Tame your Sugar Gremlin on a permanent basis…

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Want to read the science behind this lesson ?

Food aroma affects bite size. Flavour (2012) 1:3. Rene A de Wijk, Ilse A Polet, Wilbert Boek, Saskia Conraad and Johannes HF Bult. Dr Sandy



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