The stress-sugar connection

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“The stress-sugar connection”

Inflation brings money troubles. Money troubles bring STRESS.

  • Living is stressful.
  • You boss
  • The traffic
  • Your kids
  • Your mother-in-law
  • You name it

But your body can handle the situation with the help of two heavy weight – adrenaline and cortisol.

Adrenaline helps out when you get a BIG FRIGHT i.e. short term stress, cortisol helps out when stress becomes a way of life.

Either way, when your body is STRESSED, it needs a little more sugar….

stressful moments require a fuel injection

Rev it up

A stressful moment can be handled in one of two ways…

You stand your ground and “FIGHT”, you cut your losses and “RUN” like hell. To succeed you need to rev that engine, which requires a fuel injection.

The fuel injection is picked up in the ARC Headquarters. As the sugar level drops, the hunger neuron responds to the situation, triggering the munchies. And the thing(s) you most want to munch on……. NICE THINGS.

A sugar gremlin MOMENT.

It is not your imagination, sweet things really do help in stressful moments.

The problem is, nibbling on comfort foods, whether they’re sweet or starchy, is subject to inflation. So although one chocolate would have done wonders for your body chemistry, you seldom manage to stop at one. In a flash, you’ve eaten the whole box.

The sugar gremlin roller coaster.

Polishing off the box of chocolates creates a whole lot of NEW stress.

This stress is not psychological but physiological. The official name for it – OXIDATIVE STRESS. Oxidative stress is behind DIS-EASE.oxidative stress

So when you flippantly remark that the STRESS IS KILLING YOU – you’re spot on.

So can the sugar gremlin be tamed ?

Yes, but it takes more than willpower. Psychology is not enough to silence this mischievious sprite that resides deep within the recesses of your brain.

You need both biology and psychology.

So who are you going to call ………………………..

Gremlin busters

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