Sugar gremlins just want to have FUN !

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Sugar Gremlins just want to have F-U-N !

Sugar gremlins are really just sugar addicts, in search of their next thrill.

Thrills in the Nuclear Accumbens

In addition to the centre of the brain which keeps tabs on the energy requirements of the body, there is another area of your brain, which makes sure you’re having FUN, so life is worth living.sugar addicts use food to buy tickets into the nuclear accumbens

The Nuclear Accumbens is your body’s own Theme Park – packed with a variety of FUN rides and activities, ALL of which are enjoyable.

You need to buy tickets to get into your theme park, but it is pretty easy to enjoy the rides, because ALL the things YOU enjoy, can be used to buy tickets.

  • Crossing off an item on your to-do-list
  • A soak in a hot bath filled with bubbles
  • A long chat with an old friend or a cuddle with a ball of fur
  • And FOOD

Mother Nature saves the hunt

Another smart move on the part of Mother Nature.

In by gone eras gathering food was hard work, you actually had to get out there and hunt and/or gather your dinner, which required a lot more effort, than hunting for your favourite brand in the supermarket. Mother Nature therefore provided a pay off for the effort, the pay off came in the form of a FABULOUS FEELING when eating food, loaded with the calories essential to power up our body with energy.

So which foods are high in calories – foods with high fat and high carb content.

Our brain’s definition of palatable food.  Now you know why GOING ON DIET is SO HARD !

Palatable versus Addictive

Mother Nature tends not to pack these items together, too often.

If I served a plateful of potato, you would eat what you needed to keep your body supplied with energy, and then stop. A stick of butter on its own, would also have limited appeal. But, potato and butter combined, is a whole different story – think baked potatoe or mashed potato made with lots of milk and butter. Mmmmmmmmmm.

The combination is a lot more appealing.

Food manufacturers know this – in fact, they combine all the elements which our brain’s like Carbohydrate + Fat + Salt + Crunch gremlin munchies keep sugar addicts fuelled up

To create, high addictive Gremlin Munchies.

The explosive combination, sees them making lots of money and our Gremlin being super sized, because “Sugar Gremlins” just want to have FUN !

Gremlin munchies get us in the door of the theme park and then the fun really begins – so we keep eating more and more. Each bite pays out another reward, and another.

So what actually happens inside sugar addicts ?

The first bite gets you in the game.

You’re powered up feel powerful and able, you win the game and receive a prize. Winning prizes FEELS FABULOUS. And winning is a little addictive i.e. you want to play again and win again, you don’t want to go home. So you keep playing and keep winning and you FEEL FABULOUS.

sugar addicts play the game in the nuclear accumbens

It doesn’t take long and the packet of gremlin munchies is finished.

Sugar addicts can check-in any time they like, but they never leave

No more tickets. No more games – its time to go home. But leaving a theme park is never easy.

Tempted to carry on with the FUN, the sugar addict “MAKES A PLAN”.

You volunteer to be part of the game, hoping you will defy the odds and WIN. But of course, you don’t WIN, you lose BIG TIME. Losing makes you feel AWFUL, REALLY AWFUL.

sugar addicts stop having fun when they run out of tickets

You wish you had never come.

This is addiction……

You feel good when you do and bad when you don’t.

 So you spend your days IN THE THEME PARK, hoping to FEEL GOOD for a little while.

Drugs like cocaine and heroin, work the same way as sugar. The only difference, the drugs of addiction, can buy you a lot more tickets, than a bar of chocolate.

But stopping munching on highly addictive processed foods is nearly as hard, as battling a drug addiction.

NB. Processed food is how gremlins get HIGH.

And to make matters worse, the ticket prices keep going up and up, because

The price of FUN is subject to INFLATION.

Got a sugar gremlin ?

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