Sugar gremlin fun is subject to inflation

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“The price of fun is subject to inflation”

Inflation means your money doesn’t go quite as far as it once did, it also means the bite you take, no longer gets you into the Nuclear Accumbens Theme Park.

Initially, one twinkie or one packet of chips was a rewarding experience, but over time, because of the activities of the sugar gremlin, you need 3 twinkies or 2 packets of chips, just to get in the door.inflation at the gate of the nuclear accumbens

So what is happening, why does it take more sugar to get the job done ?

The chemical spiral

Inflation is driven by the fundamentals….

It all starts with a sugar dip, the sugar dip causes the hunger neuron to trigger, because low sugar levels pose a potentially life threatening crisis for the brain.

The hunger neuron compels you to look for something to eat, preferably something loaded with carbs, because this is the quick burning fuel the brain runs on. Motivated by your sugar gremlin, you tuck into something sweet or starchy.

But, something sweet or starchy quickly raises blood sugar levels.

Low levels are a crisis for the brain, but high levels are toxic for the pipes.

high sugar levels are toxic

So when sugar levels start to rise, in healthy people, the pancreas immediately responds by releasing insulin. The insulin quickly gets to work.

So what does insulin do ?

One of the major job descriptions for this very busy hormone, is to distribute and store the “goodies” that you’ve just eaten.

Insulin opens sugar gates in various tissues, allowing the sugar to move from the pipes into individual cells. The individual cells can either burn the fuel directly, or they can store it.

A sugar gremlin upsets the timing

The system works hard to keep the sugar levels in a tight range – a range which keeps the brain satisfied while protecting the blood vessels.

But a sugar gremlin can drop a huge load of sugar into the blood stream in a flash. The big load, causes the pancreas to over react, a little. When the pancreas over reacts it produces more insulin that is required to mop up the sugar.

But if you mop up ALL the sugar – you put the brain into panic mode again.

And a brain which is short of sugar, will trigger the hunger neurons to send you on a “SUGAR HUNT”.

sugar gremlin chemistry

Your SUGAR GREMLIN in action !

Inflation brings money troubles. Money troubles bring STRESS.

The stress-sugar connection

Got a sugar gremlin ?

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