The sugar gremlin is real

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“The sugar gremlin is REAL”

You need to keep your body fuelled up. Both fat and carbohydrate can be used as a fuel source for the body, as a whole. But since the brain is primarily made of fat, Mother Nature opted to limit the kind of fuel that brain’s could run on, to carbohydrate. This need for carbohydrate, is the reason we acquire a “Sugar Gremlin”.

It was a smart move, forcing the brain to use sugar as its primary source, ensures the brain does not accidently eat itself. Something which could easily happen, when fuel supplies are low, because the brain needs a huge amount of resources to fire up.

As a consequence of “THE FUEL RULE” the………brain's need for sugar feeds the sugar gremlin

Sugar monitoring

The body comes with a very sophisticated monitoring system which keeps tabs on the sugar levels in the blood. If the sugar levels start to drop, the whole system fires up, because this poses a potential crisis for your brain.

How does the system fire up ?

  • You get all the “I AM STARVING SIGNALS”
  • You are really, really hungry.
  • You feel flat as a pancake i.e. your get up and go, has got up and left
  • You can become moody and aggressive, snapping at friends and foe alike
  • You are hungry for nice things i.e. YOU CRAVE sugar

Inside your brain

To really understand what is going on, we have to pop into the brain to the area of the brain known as the arcuate nucleus – ARC for short.

This is the area of your brain responsible for monitoring the energy levels within the whole body. Like any control room, input is received from a variety of sources….

arc headquarters controls the sugar gremlin

The control room primarily monitors your body’s

  • Sugar levels
  • Fat levels
  • Temperature
  • Gut activities

But it also gets input from the body’s

  • master clock
  • the nucleus accumbens i.e. the reward centre
  • your senses i.e. eyes, taste buds and smell
  • your play books i.e. your habits and patterns of behaviour that you’ve programmed in over the years
  • and the levels of a variety of other chemicals including sex hormones, stress hormones and various neurotransmitters

Two sets of neurons are in charge of the control room, but they can be overridden by will power. The first player is “the hunger neuron” – when the hunger neurons reads signals that suggest you are low on energy, it fires up your appetite

The other player is the “satiety neuron”, which is just a fancy way for saying the nerves that tell you, YOU ARE FULL.

Awaking the sugar gremlin

The hunger neuron responds to the energy crisis by making you hungry. One of the tools it uses to get you to hunt for food, is to release a hormone in your stomach called grehlin. This hunger hormone causes you stomach to have that all together unsettling, empty feeling and provokes you to look for food.

Because, the quickest way to boost energy levels is to eat carbohydrate, ghrelin makes you hungry “for nice things”. Nice things are typically FULL of sugar.

the sugar gremlin makes you hungry for nice things

Nice things ? ? ? ?

  • Chocolate
  • Cookies
  • Sweets
  • Anything that has sugar in it, because your brain needs “sugar”.

NOT E : If you’re not fond of sweet things, your sugar gremlin could be going after foods with hidden sugar, such as bread, pasta and potato chips.

So the sugar gremlin IS REAL.

And all sugar gremlins really want is to have FUN ! 

Got a sugar gremlin ?

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